Eikka International BV

At Eikka, we are a distinguished leader in the international retail of used machinery and parts, with a particular focus on the renowned Caterpillar brand. Our commitment is to provide an expansive selection of high-quality parts, supported by our deep industry knowledge and extensive technical expertise.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively and offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Problem-solving is deeply embedded in our corporate DNA, enabling us to approach challenges with innovative strategies and effective solutions.

Our team at Eikka boasts a wealth of technical know-how, which not only enhances our ability to handle intricate mechanical issues but also empowers us to offer full-scale logistical services. From expertly managing container loading processes to coordinating comprehensive transport arrangements—including road transport, shipping, and roll-on/roll-off (Roro) shipping—our logistical capabilities ensure that we deliver your machinery and parts safely and efficiently, no matter the destination.

Eikka is your trusted partner in the field of used machinery, delivering excellence and reliability at every step of the process. Whether you are looking for specific parts or need complete logistics solutions, we are here to assist with unmatched professionalism and expertise.